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Our Story

The Phan Mother established Tailor’s Thong in the summer of 1993 expertising in Veston. She wants to create garments that bring professionalism and high level. Then, we extended from the household business to office uniform including T-shirt, dresses, Ao Dai...

Established in 1993 expertising in Veston.

stablished in the summer of 1993 expertising in Veston. For some reasons, Phan mother’s eldest daughter didn’t want to take over the business, so she sold the entire brand and machinery to an acquaintance in the summer of 1993. But her younger daughter has returned after years of living in the United States and considering inheriting the family tradition.

On 31/10/2018, Loyal District was founded by Ms. Tran Thanh Nhan and her husband. Since then Loyal District was born.

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We are fashion lovers, with the belief and foundation is manufacturing and customer service - a place that can give Businesses a different, professional appearance, peace of mind and cooperation. At the same time, arouse confidence from the personnel of the Enterprise whenever wearing high-class garments .
We are detail-oriented human, who would mind the close association of the brand's ideas, functions, designs, materials, colors in a garment that must align one entity concept.

Company Values

Our values represent what we represent as a business citizen, business partner and employer. We value 2 and only 2 things

Product quality

Ensure the quality of products in accordance with the design, the right fabric and garment standards.

Customer satisfaction

Placing the mind in the perspective of customers, From capturing ideas to designing and manufacturing, there is always a connection of information and ensuring customer expectations.

“people in garments proud of who they are, where they work. And so become efficient employees of the entity”

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Our Process


The Brief: Build based on your own needs

Let the Loyal District design team have a discussion with you and understand the business inside and out. From there, our experts will consider various aspects, such as: budget, number of employees, time frame, future plans, health and safety requirements, expectations of the industry and special requirements - to consult and develop the concept at the briefing stage. At that time, we will also evaluate your current garment and capture the relevant branding elements: Logo, fonts, colors and personalities.

Design: Putting creative design ideas

Based on design concepts, our professionals will use their knowledge and experience to prepare relevant proposals: individual designs or existing designs from the sample repository our to exactly match your summary. In particular, your garments will bring a sense of fashion to make every outfit more interesting to wear.

Fabric: Focus of the work process - SELECTION OF PROPER MATERIALS

We will present you a range of fabric options with our recommendations and considerations - including functionality, longevity, comfort and ease-of-care.


With the approval of design and fabric, we will bring your concept to life, where you can see, touch, and try the garments on. Samples can be presented to employees for evaluation. Adjustments are welcome at this stage before garments are officially putting on production.


Garments are only manufactured to order. To maintain price competitiveness and timely delivery, we have formed partnerships with carefully-selected facilities that endure strictly quality control to guarantee product satisfaction. Most garments will averagely last in the same condition for a year. We deliver them to your door.

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