Bath Linen

“Don’t let fashion force you to wear anything, let yourself be the one who decides what you’ll wear even if it’s just a scarf.”

The fashion world is always colorful and varied, nothing is impossible in the fashion village. For example, a towel and a robe seem to be temporary wear, but if you know how to transform, these 2 items are still incredibly fashionable for your summer check-in photos.

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  • Type: Bath Linen garment, Accessories uniform 
  • Material: Update / Request
  • Color: Designing according to brand
  • Shirt size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL..Full size
  • Logo: Embroidery / Weaving
  • Design: Designing according to brand
  • Sample making: 3-5 days, SEE Catalog
  • Seam: Sharp, meticulous
  • Production time: According to order
  • Delivery: Nationwide
  • Price: Contact

The story of Bath Linen

Along with the development of the fashion industry, the swimwear world has evolved and there are many different versions and designs, but most of them have pure white, pastel tones with sweet, wide form. waist straps, so the guests can be most comfortable when wearing.

The white gowns or towels have been improved with many different designs, which are very interesting. sea ​​calendar. Towels are designed in a variety of youthful and unique features amidst the blue sea of ​​white sand with many colors for you to choose and easily combined with sexy bikini costumes. Towels are designed with two-line skirts, youthful, outstanding personality amidst the blue sea of ​​white sand.

Why choose Loyal District garment?

Loyal District are fashion lovers, who believe people should feel confident, excited and professional in their uniform. Loyal District possesses experience in design consultancy, tailoring and logo printing on a uniform. All design and production processes are carried out uniformly and closely monitored. Carefulness, sophistication and attention to the close association of the brand’s ideas, functions, designs, materials, colors in a uniform are our characteristics.

We Value 2 and only 2 things:

  • Product quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Advantages of Loyal District

  • Fast
  • Affordability
  • Enthusiastic consultant
  • Product quality assurance
  • Delivery, on time
  • Customer care after delivery

We are always dedicated in bringing our customers pride of themselves and where they work. From there, help them be more interested and work more effectively at work.

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