“Wearing a well-designed suit enhances the morale and heightens Doorman / Bellman’s awareness of Work.” 

The Doorman / Bellman is part of the hotel / Resort, is the place to guide and interact with customers and also the space orientation and customer support. In addition to service attitude, ability to communicate, gesture of intimacy … an extremely important factor that managers often overlook or not pay attention to is the costume – uniform of support staff Hotel / Resort

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  • Type: Hotel/Resort doorman/Bellman  garment,, separate uniform for men and women
  • Material: Update / Request
  • Color: Designing according to brand
  • Shirt size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL..Full size
  • Logo: Embroidery / Weaving
  • Design: Designing according to brand
  • Sample making: 3-5 days, SEE Catalog
  • Seam: Sharp, meticulous
  • Production time: According to order
  • Delivery: Nationwide
  • Price: Contact

The story of Doorman/Bellman

Customers often tend to ask the janitor about specific places, places to visit, entertainment services or dining. Therefore, the concierge at the hotel can be compared to an encyclopedia – containing all the information that travelers request. This can also be considered a challenge for this job, so hotels often prioritize recruiting locals as gatekeepers.

Besides, the door guards always make customers’ hearts feel warm. You will always welcome guests with smiles on their lips and familiar sayings: Good morning, hello, good evening. Or, you should give warnings like: “Bring an umbrella because it can rain!”, “You should wear a shirt because it’s quite cold”. Just a small action of the doorman makes the impression of the hotel where they stay

It is not necessary to be very glossy, but the doorman must meet certain requirements about height, cute face, neat hair, clean body and Costume must be highly aware.

Why choose Loyal District Garment?

Loyal District are fashion lovers, who believe people should feel confident, excited and professional in their uniform. Loyal District possesses experience in design consultancy, tailoring and logo printing on a uniform. All design and production processes are carried out uniformly and closely monitored. Carefulness, sophistication and attention to the close association of the brand’s ideas, functions, designs, materials, colors in a garment are our characteristics.

We Value 2 and only 2 things:

  • Product quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Advantages of Loyal District

  • Fast
  • Affordability
  • Enthusiastic consultant
  • Product quality assurance
  • Delivery, on time
  • Customer care after delivery

We are always dedicated in bringing our customers pride of themselves and where they work. From there, help them be more interested and work more effectively at work.

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