Non-Woven Bag

“The bag fashion will change, but the style will always last.”

Plastic material which is no stranger in the fashion world so far, it has been applied by many brands in shoes and bags. But many people still can not imagine that there are days when the plastic bags look like-like-plastic-normal-bags often used to go to the market or store junk in the house. is a trendy accessory

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  • Type: Non-Woven Bag garment, Accessories garment
  • Material: Update / Request
  • Color: Designing according to brand
  • Shirt size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL..Full size
  • Logo: Embroidery / Weaving
  • Design: Designing according to brand
  • Sample making: 3-5 days, SEE Catalog
  • Seam: Sharp, meticulous
  • Production time: According to order
  • Delivery: Nationwide
  • Price: Contact

The story of Non-Woven Bag

 Non-Woven Bags are one of the most sought after items by women. They choose them to respect their personalities and be generous when mixing street wear. In the new season, the plastic bag impresses with a very simple shape that is no different from the convenient shopping bags when shopping for food and drinks.

The plastic bag model gives young people the freedom, freedom and freedom from any framework. The current plastic bag models are very diverse in style and style, you can freely combine with costumes or integrate more color accessories to exaggerate the trend.

Why choose Loyal District garment?

Loyal District are fashion lovers, who believe people should feel confident, excited and professional in their uniform. Loyal District possesses experience in design consultancy, tailoring and logo printing on a uniform. All design and production processes are carried out uniformly and closely monitored. Carefulness, sophistication and attention to the close association of the brand’s ideas, functions, designs, materials, colors in a uniform are our characteristics.

We Value 2 and only 2 things:

  • Product quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Advantages of Loyal District

  • Fast
  • Affordability
  • Enthusiastic consultant
  • Product quality assurance
  • Delivery, on time
  • Customer care after delivery

We are always dedicated in bringing our customers pride of themselves and where they work. From there, help them be more interested and work more effectively at work.

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