Cheap Garments is the keyword that many customers search for when they want to order garments, and from that demand, many uniform suppliers are also offering Cheap Garments. So must understand properly about cheap garments, I would like to tell you a story about myself in the process of working with customers ordering garments.

A company specializing in the import and export and distribution of Japanese diapers is a regular customer, who has been with my company for 4 years. Whenever there’s a need for a garment t-shirt, the marketing department contacts us for production. Getting to know them, they know the quality of our products, and they are patrons so we always have a “family” price for them. Just doing that, I have no story to tell. This year, the marketing department personnel there have changed. A marketing staff called me and asked me to quote a garment price, please – I sent back a quote for each of them (even though their vender profile already has a quote by my side). That friend continued to ask me for a discount, because you were going to ask a few other uniform suppliers, they said it was lower than my price. To be honest, I explain to you, that cheaper garments can be done by me, but since we are manufacturers, we know to offer customers a cheap product. how each material in that product will change.

– I ask you: My side has product options that correspond to different prices, do you want to make it cheaper?

– Partner: No, friend, the quality is the same as always, but the price must be cheaper. You keep thinking, if you do not agree, then you do with the other side.

I had to think, to work with the whole production, to recalculate how to get a better price for the customer. As a result, the price cannot be lower, if the price is what they want, unless the quality of the product is lower, or a manufacturer like me accepts to be a customer without making a profit. But customer, if there is not enough cost, how can we continue to maintain a whole system from the factory, the machinery, the cost of production personnel, office personnel, electricity, water? , … if there is no minimum profit, how can we reinvest production to serve customers better!

Sorry for a partnership that has been around for a few years, but I must inform you that I cannot provide such quality products at the price you desire.

You answer: “ok, so I do with the other party”

You ah, maybe you do not understand the nature of “what your money is”, maybe you are a new employee and you need to quickly build up the achievement with your boss by “choosing a cheaper garments supplier. ”, So you ignore my sincere explanations. Actually I can still get your order by quietly cutting down product quality, but in Linh Long we do not. It is better to lose the order, but we do not accept losing credibility, not accepting losing the principle that we always follow “Honesty With Customers”. At Linh Long, we do not consider our customers to be God, we consider our customers to be You, our Best Friends. We treat you in the most sincere way.

This is also not the only case I have encountered during the consultation process for my garmented customers.

In order not to take time for you to read the article, I would like to mention one case: Customers Want to Order High Quality Garments later.

There is no cheap, high quality garment, only a Reasonable Price Garment for each product. If you have a need to make low-cost garments for a few-day event, or a low budget, we will advise you on the best material to get you the best product at the price you can afford.

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